Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Big Sleep Over

I am still alive and doing well. Nothing new to report about my health. I have been busy working and have been picking up extra hours to help pay the bills.

We had a big event at our house last week. Zach and Katy were invited to spend the weekend with their Aunt Dawn and Uncle Dave. Dawn is my big sister and their God mother. When we asked the kids if they wanted to go they were both jumping and screaming with joy. I wanted to do the same but I knew my wife wouldn't find it so cute since she always has a hard time parting from the kids. I on the other hand look forward to the alone time with Sally. It proves that I love her more then she loves me.

Friday, the kids and Sally packed their bags. It looked like they were packing for a week stay. I was thinking to myself that was good. Maybe I would get lucky and the kids would have that much fun and my sister would enjoy them that much to keep them awake. After the kids were packed we took the kids to one of their favorite places to eat, Panda Express. When we got home, Katy took her suit case and sat on the porch outside waiting for her ride. Zach on the other hand started crying and kept saying he didn't want to go. Dawn and Dave were on the way here. They were coming from Illinois and were stuck in heavy traffic. It took them 2 hours to get here so Zach was going with them if he wanted to or not. We figured once he is with them he would be fine. We ended up meeting them by Teibels to hand over my pumpkins. On the way there Zach sobbed. Sally and I were trying to be silly and make him laugh but it didn't help. Once we got there, Zach sat on Sally's lap and cried.We gave him my cell phone and told him he could call us when ever he wanted.He seemed a little better. We sent him on his merry way with his aunt and uncle. Katy on the other hand. said "bye" and jumped into their car without looking back. When I drove off I almost had to take a double look. I thought Zach was back in the car when I heard crying, it was my wife. At that point I felt a little bad because I was happy and felt like dancing the jig being a free man without kids for awhile.

I am not naming names but who ever was the master mind of giving Zach the cell phone was a fool. Zach called us about an hour later. Then there was no phone calls for a couple of hours because he went to a Hip Hop party at their church. When they got home, the sad and pathetic phone call began. Zach kept calling crying. He sounded very pathetic. We knew if he made it through the night he would have a fun day on Saturday. I have to admit even though this might damage my manly ego, I did miss not having the little ones in bed. The phone calls continued but we thought it would be better not to answer. So instead, Zach left us the saddest messages ever. We knew once he fell asleep he would be fine. Wrong! 4:45am he called crying again. This time he said Katy was awake crying too. If she was awake crying it was because he woke her up and he was crying. Sally told him to lay back down with her so she could fall asleep. The next phone call we got the kids were happy and excited to be going to the water park. The phone calls thereafter were from 2 happy kids. Even though Zach was happy again he still wanted to come home that night. When I got off work, Sally and I went to Olive Garden for dinner. It was so wonderful to go out for dinner without the kids. The food was really good as well. I talked about the delicious dinner all the way to my sister's. I had Chicken Parmesan and Sally had the Egg Plant Parmesan.They were both excellent.

When we got to my sister's and I knocked on the door in anticipating for the little ones to run and jump on me and hearing the words "I love you and miss you daddy". I heard little feet running before the door opened. Katy ran out and jumped on........... Sally. She had nothing to do with me. Every time I tried to touch her or talk to her she got mad. As soon as we got in the car both kids were talking about how much fun they had. They had a blast at the water park. Zach met a friend and talked all about her. They both talked about how good dinner was. They both loved the chicken and the corn on the cob that was on the grilled. Zach wants Sally to make chicken and corn on the grill like Uncle Dave did. I was a little upset to find out they had ice cream cake for desert and Dawn didn't offer me any. Before we made it to the express way Katy had fallen asleep. Zach continued to talk all about his adventure. A little while later it got quiet in the car. I turned around and saw Zach's sleeping as well. Kaity was so exhausted she didn't wake up until 9 the next morning. Zachary slept until 11.

The next morning when Katy woke up the first words that came out of her mouth was "I want to go to Aunt Dawn's". It continued through out the day. Now she says she wants to go to Aunt Dawn's with mommy. At mass on Sunday Katy started clapping during a song. She must had picked that up at Dawn's church, It was cute but know one else was clapping. I am glad they kids had a lot of fun. Thanks Dawn and Dave for being brave enough to take them.

I have to admit it was nice to get a break from all the turtle question. I am sure you must be thinking I am over exaggerating about the turtle questions. Believe me I am not. Here is an example. This morning I was woken up by the following questions"
Dad....... "Which is the slowest turtle?" "What turtle is the smallest?"'What is the fastest turtle?" "Do turtles have belly buttons?'" "Do turtles grow there arms or legs first?" "Do soft shelled turtles shell's get hard when they die?" "How do turtle's hold their heads? Up high? Down low?" "What kind of turtles did you have?" "Did you ever feed turtles people food?"Are there yellow turtles, red turtles orange turtles, the questions went on and on.

Zachary went to day camp this week which put a hold on the turtle hunt. I am going to take him Saturday morning so I am sure I will have a lot to write about.I was just informed that Zach doesn't want to go to his day camp next week. He wants to go turtle hunting all week,ARRRRRG.


  1. soooooooooooooo have you gone turtle hunting? =)

  2. As much as I can. Planning to go the weekend of the 4th of sept.