Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kaity's day in Indianapolis

Today we took Kaity to the long and awaiting appointment with a specialist at Riley's. They did a series of arm and leg stretches with her. Did a thorough looking over. Their conclusion was that she is my daughter and will have to live with that. Actually, they believe her not to have anything serious, except that her joints are loose and her hamstrings are to tight. The doctor said 15% of kids have this problem. They will have to live with it but, will have to do certain stretching and strengthen exercises to help make easier to manage( some do grow out of it). It was also recommended we get her into swimming, buy shoes with high arches, and have her take a warm bath before she goes to bed. They believe her previous labs was a false positive so labs were done again and hopefully this time the lupus results will be negative. We will get those results by a week from this Friday. She will have a follow up appoint in September.

The day as a whole was very enjoyable otherwise. The trip up was quick with no traffic(eat your heart out Chicago). Sally and I chose Riley's because, we knew the traffic would be a lot better. Riley's has more doctors offered to help with treatment plus there is always one on call. It has better accessibility to the facilities and the surrounding area has a lot you can do with the kids in a closer proximity to the hospital. Last but not least, when it comes to the best treatment, I want my kids to have the best and I and Sally thought Riley's to be the best after our thorough investigating of both Chicago and Indianapolis hospitals. I am only saying this because some people thought we made a mistake taking her to Indianapolis. Sally doesn't allow me to make mistakes. So I(we) know we made the right decision.

I was a nice experience for Kaity, because after every check-up and test she took there, she got a toy. I thought what the heck, after all the test, surgeries and check-ups I had, I received nothing (but the best medical care). If I was Kaity I would have my own toy store by now. I didn't say anything to her, because I didn't want to hurt her feelings.

A few weeks ago we all were going to Albanese candy store. I was driving along with family in tow. When I started to smell a very stinky smell. I casually looked to me right and there it was, A cattle hauler that hasn't been cleaned in weeks or months. I started to gag and swerve all over the road. There was a car in front of us, not allowing me to go past this diesel fart. I could just see the guy in the car ahead of us saying ,"look honey at that guy, what do you think is wrong with that drunk." He did finally move over and I flew by him as he and wifey were staring at me. We did have the air off and thought it safe to turn it on after being a mile down the road now,wrong. The smell finally went away just before we got to the candy store. I tell this story because it happened again, today. On the way to Indianapolis another cattle truck was pestering me. This time he got the best of me with the help of my loving? wife. Driving behind one you can't tell if its a cattle hauler or a garbage hauler. I started to smell this smell ooohh that smell. I looked at Sally and said not again. I went through the process of some more hacking and coughing. There wasn't anything to do because we were in a gaper and couldn't get around the stinky and smelly truck. I looked at Sally and said how am I going to get around this thing. A light bulb went off in her head and she preceded to turn on the AIR CONDITIONER.

I looked at her and said no way you didn't just do that, do what, try to kill me. My face had to of been beet red. This can't be happening to me, were is the damn camera. Finally some movement and we started to go a little faster. I felt like I wanted to go out and push some cars out of the way. I knew this would be stupid not because I knew I wouldn't be able to push any of the cars but, because I would be out with the enemy with no protection. I did finally get past the truck and maneuvered with the grace of a seasoned race car driver to save myself. I told Sally not to touch the air conditioner(ever) until we were totally out of harms way.

I will try and post a little more frequently. I have been very busy, sick and had computer issues. I have been doing very well otherwise except always feeling tired. Thank you all for all the prayers and kind words that I have been receiving. God Bless you all!!!

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  1. ahhhhh the power of prayer! soooo thankful for some good news from you guys...especially for kaity's sake! :)

    hey bill...did you change diapers?

    blessings always