Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Up date on me

It's been awhile since I posted. I have been enjoying summer with my family. Zachary started school last week and I have a feeling things are going to start getting crazy around here with us trying to juggle everything. One good thing (at least I hope it's good) I am not receiving chemo any longer. If I knew how to do a cart wheel I would be doing them all the time. I am so over joyed not having to wear the take home pump any longer. Originally, I had until February for chemo but because of insurance coverage caps the take home pump was no longer covered. There were other options but my oncologist felt comfortable with me ending treatment now. I am still going in every 2 weeks for Avastin infusion. Avastin is just a preventative medication so the side effects are mild. I go in September for a CT scan and will still be having scans every 4 months.

Today I am off. Once again (Yeah!) I found a way to avoid my honey to do list. Michael was given tickets to the Oz Fest and invited me to go with. I hope I don't cramp his style having his old dad at his side. I have a feeling though,, he is going to cramp my style though having my lad at my side while I rock to Motley Crue. By the way,thanks Ron for the tickets, I feel really bad (cough cough) you couldn't go. I actually would have felt a little bad for you if I wasn't going to be benefiting from it.

Sorry no funny stories about my family or a long blog to make you tired and help you sleep. Don't fret there will be plenty to come.

Enjoy your day!
God Bless


  1. I'm still reading your blog. Good to get updates once in a while!

  2. YES!!! i did it! thanks sally...
    bill i was getting worried but glad to hear from you..
    keep in touch ok?
    blessings for always

  3. Hay, that was short...

    I'm still here. Tell Michael to let me know when crossbows go on sale!!!!