Monday, March 22, 2010

They were huge!!

I usually try to write my blog on the weekends when possible. With the combo family birthday party for Zach and kaity and myself being sick throughout my 3 plus days off. My sinus's were really bothering me. My throat was a little scratchy and slightly sore. I would have to cough only when I needed to clear my throat and that would cause me to get a headache that would get worst each time I coughed. Poor Zachary was off from school last week for spring break. He started the week sick with a fever. When he started to feel better Kaity came down with the same thing. Then I think I must have gotten it and Michael became sick on Saturday. It seems to be that when ever Zachary has a break from school we are sick. hmmm

Saturday we celebrated Zach's 8th birthday and Kaity's 3rd. Zach's real birthday was 2 weeks ago and Kaity's isn't for another 2 weeks. It's easier to combine their birthdays for the families. We had their party at Edwardo's Pizza again. They have one of the better pizzas around in our area. As the kids were eyeing their pile of gifts I was eyeing the pile of frosting on the cupcakes . I know I wasn't feeling well but come on these were not your ordinary cupcakes. The cupcakes were more like miniture cakes. The frosting itself left a delightful experience in my mouth. It was like Christmas all over for the kids but honestly I don't remember what they received. The cupcakes still consume all my thoughts and most of my memories right now.

Today had a couple of interesting happenings(anything that happened before the party I still can't remember). Michael was at Walgreens and he spotted his grandma. He wanted to surprised her so he sneaked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her give her a nice size squeeze.To Michael's surprise she turns around and said "Oh My! Do I know you?" Nice job Michael .He is lucky the elderly nice lady didn't file assault charges against him and/or didn't suffer a coronary.I think all he had to do was to walk her across the parking lot to her car and she was all better. I wouldn't be surprise when the next time I walk into Walgreens and there is a mug shot of Michael posted up.

This evening I went to have blood work done for this Wednesday's chemo session. Zachary wanted to come with because he wanted to go to Target. When they called my name I told Zachary he could stay in the waiting room. He's just like his dad and does not like needles. While I was getting the blood drawn I heard a "WOOOOooo WWWooooooo" The lady drawing my blood and I looked over at the next area and saw my little boy in fear making his I am scared sound effects. We immediately looked at each other and busted out laughing He tried to use his scared pathetic look to manipulate me to buy him something at Target. It almost worked, until we started to laugh again.Then I remember my scare pathetic look never works on Sally and she is one who keeps tight control over the money I work hard for.

Like I mentioned earlier I have chemo this Wednesday. Saturday is my sister Lisa.s wedding day. My oldest sister is performing the wedding. I am sitting here wondering about the wedding cake. I hope it will out perform the cupcakes but I know that is a stretch.No pressure Lisa.

I am still not 100% so there is a possibility that I may not receive Chemo. I hope I will be able to. I want no delays in my treatment.

Hopefully, I will get a chance to write during the week. Have a great week. God Bless you all.

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  1. here's wishing and hoping and praying that all goes well for you and you stay on schedule for chemo AND that the wedding is filled with ICING!
    have a great week and weekend...many blessings to your sister in her upcoming marriage too!
    God bless all of you!
    are you counting down the days bill?
    the cub opener is right around the corner!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)