Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Congratulations are in order

This past weekend we attended my baby sister, Lisa
's wedding. A wedding I almost didn't get to go to. Lisa's wedding was the same week as my chemo treatment. I scheduled the treatment a day early so I could have the pump removed before the wedding. During the infusion on Wednesday, I became very itchy. That has happened before in the past but not for a long time. When I went to drink a glass of milk I got that weird sensation I used to get. Thursday morning I was getting ready for work and the tingly sensation in my hands and feet that I use to have was back. I was confused about the side effects. I was doing really well and all of the sudden everything came back. Sally became suspicious as well and called the doctor's office. When I began chemo I was on 3 different kinds of medicine for the infusion. Now that I am in remission I am on what they call a maintenance program which is only 2 of the medications. The medication that causes the worse side effects was not given any longer. Come to find out when I changed back to going every other week instead of every week the office went back to the original treatment and that is why I felt so bad. I felt relieved to know that it wasn't caused by the "mild" treatment and that the order was changed so it shouldn't happen again. But I felt really bad. I think it's probably the worse I have felt from a treatment. Friday I woke up and I could barely walk.It felt like I was walking on dry ice( not that I have walked on dry ice before, That would have really been stupid). Plus I was nauseated and no matter how much I slept it wasn't enough. By Friday night I felt a little better but still was in bad shape. Sally and the kids were gone for the evening. When they walked in the door Kaity was crying. She was crying for 45 minutes in the car before she even walked through the door.She is having the pains more frequently again. About 3 hours later she had calmed down enough to go to bed. She has another appointment this Friday. Hopefully if the doctor can't help her, he can send her to someone that can.

Saturday morning things were much calmer. Well......Kaity and I were better. I still wasn't feeling my best but I didn't feel like death either. I should take the first statement back. The kids and I were calm. Sally was like a crazy woman trying to make sure we all looked our best. This is the reason we don't dress up for church. I think we would end up in a divorce if we did.

Lisa's wedding was in Joliet, IL. The reason why she had it there was because my big sister Dawn married the happy couple (for now) in her church. She is a Minister. Sally told me Lisa was getting married in red. I thought she was kidding but she wasn't. My sister looked beautiful even though I am not a fan of red. Especially red cars but don't get me started on that one. My sister Lisa's new sister in-law brought some disposable cameras and put one on the tables to have people take pictures of whatever they wanted too. I quickly picked up the camera and went to take pictures of the most important thing at the wedding. I went straight to the cake and dessert table and started to snap away. At that point I was the best photographer in the world. The cake was made with fresh strawberries. It was very good. The wedding was very nice, a wonderful experience. I hope the best for my little sister and her new husband Dave. I told Dave if he needed any help or questions not to hesitate to ask. Then the happy couple started to laugh at me but what made it worse so did my wife. I just didn't get what was so funny, I was serious. I often wonder if it's just my kids or do all kids act up when they are suppose to be at their best. After the wedding Zachary and my nephew Evan, were at odds. These two little boys dressed in their Sunday best were pushing each other. At one point Zach pushed Evan down and Sally made him sit on the floor. When he was finally able to get up off the dirty floor, he told Evan to push him down so he would feel better about what he did and then Evan would now be the one in trouble. Evan was way to smart for that and told us of Zach's plot. So we made Zach stick his nose against the wall. No , actually we didn't put it sure would have been funny if we did. At the reception Zachary and Kaity were fighting about their plates. The both had the exact same plate but they were fighting over a plate. I have to admit though they were pretty nice plates. Then Kaity managed to knock over a glass of water and then Zachary topped her by spilling his glass of lemonade. Everyone at the table with us I could only imagine what they were thinking.I just ignore the situation while my sister in law Leann cleaned up the mess, thank you Leann. After dinner I was relieved. The kids were able to get up and walk around. Kaity loved being dressed up. You could tell by watching her. All the kids were running around but Kaity found interest in a pole with little mirrors on it instead. She spent almost the rest of the time pole dancing. She was really putting on a show. I am really getting a little nervous about her future career calling. She told Sally that she wants a pole for her birthday. At first she got upset if anyone wanted to use the pole but later on she had a group of kids she was teaching the tricks of the trade. She actually isn't so bad for a little girl who will be three on the 9th of April. When she wasn't pole dancing she was with my niece Rachele staring in a mirror. The food was good but the cake was better. I had to work for my piece of cake. The server came and gave Kaity a piece of cake. Then all the other tables were being served. I was really not happy.Obviously she didn't recognize who I was. Why would they serve one piece of cake to a table and instead of coming right back with the rest. They went to all the other tables instead. It was just very cruel and unusual punishment. Sally didn't help matters by laughing at her sick husband that was all flustered and talking to his self.

I am feeling better now. Tired but that goes without saying. Today I was able to get outside with the kids and enjoy the weather. I have the weekend off. Please pray for my niece Rachele. She is 4 and is having surgery tomorrow morning.

Thanks for visting and hope to post again this Sunday. God Bless you all!


  1. OH MY GOSH!
    i luv when the ciega's go to weddings! :)
    do you have ANY pictures of kaity and the pole? or of zach sitting on the floor for punishment? or better yet of kaity with her cake and you without one?
    i have to wonder if you weren't "set up" maybe!!!!! :) :) :) :)
    poor sally, she just can't take you guys ANYWHERE!!!!!

    ok now on a far more serious note..well 2 of them actually!
    you can count on endless prayers for your niece..what kind of surgery is she having...bless her heart and know that i will keep her close in prayer!

    and now kaity...WHAT IS GOING ON? why can't they FIX THIS? oh my goodness, please know that i have kept kaity in my prayers and will continue to do so and hopefully you'll get some answers real soon..i cannot imagine how hard this is on you and sally...kaity too obviously but i speak parent to parent..
    PROMISE ME if there is ANYTHING i can do (besides prayers) you will let me know!

    oh bill, do enjoy your weekend off with your family and i wish you all a most blessed Easter!!!!
    always holding you in prayers..

  2. FIVE MORE DAYS!!!!!!! :)

  3. Rachele is is having surgery tomorrow at 6:30 am. She will be getting tubes in her ears and her tonsils and adenoids removed.

    As for Kaity we still don't know what is going on.

    Thank you Deb for all your prayers.

    just makes your stories come to life!
    blessings always

    how did the surgery go?

  5. Rachel's surgery went well and she is going MUCH better than I expected! Thanks for all of the prayers!