Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Update on Me

Just a little post to let everyone know I am doing well for the most part.  I am working a little less due to production at work has slowed down.  Right now I am on 8 hour shift and I have the weekends off.  Which is nice but a little worried since the overtime will not be there.

Health wise I am good.  Except, for stomach pains I have been experiencing.  The pains are hard to explain.  Sort of feels like the gas pains I had experienced after the surgeries but not quite as severe.  It worries me that the cancer may have spread. My chemo meds has changed so it could be do to that as well.  I mentioned it today at chemo.  Dr. Mboama thinks it's because of the chemo and told me to take GasX.  However, he must have some concerns because he wants me to go for a CT-scan A.S.A.P.  So, tomorrow at 2:30 I will be having one done. The ct will also show if the SIRT procedure I had done in March worked. Now the fun of waiting for the results begin.  The waiting is so cruel.

Please keep me in your prayers and thoughts.  I so desperately need a good CT reading or I am doomed. 

God Bless and Take Care


  1. No matter what you are not going to be doomed. Everything will be fine. I love you will all my heart.

  2. Prayers are on the way as you go through your CT Scan. Love you lots! Barbara

  3. you are ALWAYS in my prayers! ALWAYS! deb :)