Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sexy's Back

I am doing well.  I am experiencing some of the side effects from chemotherapy.  I am having a lot of muscle cramping, sensitivity in my feet and hands, and loosing my hair. Now I have an excuse for my bald spot.  Actually, the bald spot isn't as noticeable now since I have a lot less hair.  Earlier this month, I started to loose my hair in clumps. I was at work and felt something on my face.  Went to brush it away and saw a huge clump of hair.  Took a shower that night and hair covered the tub.  It was surprising since it's been over 2 years of being on chemo and I figured I would have lost my hair by them.  I will admit I was upset.  The next day, Sally suggest either I have my head shaved or get my hair cut really short.  I went that evening and had my hair cut really really short.  I felt a lot better when I looked in the mirror and saw a sexy man looking back at me.

I am still working out but I have put on a couple of pounds.  With Easter, birthdays, Zach's First Communion, etc.. it's been challenging to be "good". I had an appointment with my family doctor.  I have high cholesterol and went in for a recheck which required another lipid profile. It was  high.  Normally, I would be scared and be good for a few weeks and Sally would be on my case yelling at me.  I know I am at risk of having a heart attack.  Actually, that isn't scary considering I have cancer.  If I had a massive heart attack and died instantly (like my dad at age 40) would be a lot better then having a long painful death because of cancer.  Sally doesn't it see it the same way.  She made a comment that I am fighting so hard to beat cancer yet I am eating myself to death.  Which proves that she like to see me suffer from living without my favorite high fatty foods, and that she would rather have me be tortured by a long agonizing death.  I need to rethink the notion that Sally loves me and so should you.

It's time again for me to have the Cat scan.  I am scared to death (ironic isn't it) knowing that after this scan or a scan down the road, I might be hearing "Sorry Bill, we did all that we could do."  I believe in miracles and I know modern medicine will not be enough to save me.  So there are two things I am going to do before I schedule my scan.  The first thing I am going to have Father Rookey pray over me.
He has prayed for me  a couple of times in the past.  I always feel at peace after talking with him.

I recently was told about a shrine in Green Bay, Wisconsin, which is the only shrine in the United State which has documented miracles. Since it is a long drive, I am hoping we can be able to scrounge up a few dollars and be able to make it a mini vacation with the kids. A one night stay at a hotel with a pool would be fun since the little one never has spend the night at a hotel.  We planned on taking the drive last weekend but it rained all weekend. Hopefully, sometime in the next 2 weeks we can take the drive.

That's it for now.  I just finished day one of eight days of work in a row.  At least next week the shift are not the usual 12 hour shift.

Thank you for your continuing support and prayers. I really appreciate it.
God Bless,

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