Thursday, December 16, 2010

Who likes Garlic raise your hands and an update.

Sorry it's been awhile. I have been busy working and attending to life's demands(aka Sally's). I am doing well. I have decided to wait until February (after another cat scan) to make a decision on how Sally wants me to have the cancer tumors treated. Hopefully, by the grace of God, there will be no cancer come February.

I am receiving an infusion at this very second. I go to work tonight, then I will be off for the next two weeks. I am looking forward to spending time with my family. Hopefully, I can catch up on the blog as well. I still haven't finished about Halloween. Zachary and I are planning on baking some cookies. I am still trying to lose weight and working out at Omni so I am only making calorie free cookies.

Zachary has taken a liking to cooking. I am sure he will add his special touches to the cookies, like garlic cookies. Which is a scary thought. It's not surprising he tries to make things because he loves food. We never have to worry about him starving. His inventions though, are less to be desired. His latest invention was mac & cheese in a hot dog bun. Pepper and garlic is his condiment of choice. Last week we have left over potato soup. Zachary decided to have it for breakfast. He also decided it needed a little something extra .One of his down falls in cooking is he has NO concept of what is a small amount and what is a lot. He found a jar of freeze dried minced garlic and thought why not. The next sentence will explain the why not. Because he smelled for the next four days is a reason to not. He smelled bad. Not little bad but really bad.I don't think a Vampire would come within three states of him. It was like an old man who spends his days bathing in and eating garlic instead of grapes. It was so bad that we couldn't take it while he was in the car and I stopped the car and made him run home. I thought the 4 blocks left to the house would be long enough for him to run and sweat the garlic out. WRONG He smelled even worse. I don't think the neighbors that were left with dying trees and bushes appreciated it either. I'll tell you though if you have a weed infestation, I got the cure. Luckily, for his class mates, the school was closed for 2 days due to a water main break. Heeyyy, wait a minute. By the time school was back in session the stench was tamed. Honestly, if school was in session, Zachary would have been sent home from school. He has promised from that day forth (after using a tube of tooth paste, a liter of mouth wash, 3 showers, running home naked, just kidding about the naked part and still smelling) he will be sticking to garlic powder. Sally has not yet to cook with garlic since. She made garlic free garlic bread the other day. The thought of garlic still makes our eyes water.

Chemo is almost done and the battery in the lap top is almost out of power so it's a good time to end. Stay tune. I came up with a brilliant the most brilliant pole ever. I have to get a picture posted for it but I am sure you will love to post your opinion in the next pole.

I want to mention something quickly before I go. I hope no one is offended about how I tend to make Sally look like a Battle axe, power angry, do what I say, I am always right, War monger and you talking to me type person. I only say the things I do to add a little a very little in some cases humor to the blog. It is all done in fun and Sally does read the blogs before I post them. I sure hope I wrote this the way she told me too.

Take care and God Bless,

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