Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another Bump

I am doing well. So far the major side effect I am experiencing is being tired all the time. I am sleeping more which helps. If I could I would sleep all day. I am trying to live my life like I did before "D" day or should I say "C" day. I want life to go on as normal as possible. We elected not to tell Zachary about what is going on. If he catches on and ask we will be honest. When I was initially diagnosed we told Zachary but it's been a lot for him to handle. Even though it's been over a year that we told him the cancer went away; he still worries. So much there are times he breaks down and cries. He had an anxiety attack not so long ago.

It's been almost 2 weeks since I found it's back. I said it was a set back and medically speaking it is. However, it's not a set back for me in how I live my life. It woke me up again and once again I had to reevaluate my life and the important things. Since the last time I posted I joined Omni. I am making better food choices and Sally went and bought a bunch of healthy food. A friend I use to work with at Sterks mentioned to me about vitamin D and sent me a link to read. I found out in a study colon cancer patients who took vitamin D supplements during treatment up their chances of survival 48%. Even though I am not suppose to take any vitamins I started to take vitamin D. It's worth a shot.

I had the PETscan last Tuesday and finally received the results today. Sally talked with the doctor this morning over the phone. He said the scan showed 1 and not 3 cancerous spots on the liver. It also showed some positive lymph nodes around the liver. Not great news but he didn't make it sound like a major set back either. He feels the chemo therapy will take care of the lymph nodes and his main concern is still the liver. I go see the surgeon at UIC in November. He might want to remove the tumor in the liver and the effected lymph nodes. I am praying chemo will take care of everything and no surgery is needed. I found out today that the human body has between 500-600 lymph nodes. Over 20 of mine have already been removed. If I continue to get cancerous lymph nodes and I have to have surgery every time, I am going to look like Frankenstein. Not that there is anything wrong with Frankenstein. I find that he is a handsome fellow.

Honestly, I don't feel defeated since hearing this. Of course I am not happy more cancer was found. However, I feel thankful and blessed it hasn't spread to any other organ or bones at this time and praying it won't. I was looking at a cancer support group site that had other blogs from cancer patients posted. I saw the title "Every Problem Has A Gift For You In It's Hands". Without a question I know this is true. I was a blessed pre-cancerous man and now I am an abundantly blessed man who has cancer. On one hand it's sad to have to experience a life changing event to learn some of life's greatest lessons. On the other hand, most likely, I would have missed out on some of life's greatest lessons if it wasn't for cancer.

God Bless

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