Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bad News

Sally here

Bill had 7 great days in a row.  His pain was minimal.  It  was wonderful to have our old life back.  Even if it was just for a short time.  Unfortunately, like usual for us the good is shortly followed by the bad.  Bill's pain gradually came back. This pass Sunday, he started to look a little jaundice.  He was running no fever and felt OK and still had an appetite.  In fact he gained 14 pounds in 2 weeks and he mentioned that his belly is getting big again.  Yesterday, he went for routine blood work for his chemo treatment.  We found out today the billirubin is elevated.  Chemo was cancelled and replaced with a CT scan and ultra sound.  With the billirubin high, there was concerned that either the stent in the bile duct was clogged again or the tumor in the bile duct has grown.  The test showed that the cancer has grown in the liver. They can not tell if the stent is clogged or the tumor has grown in the bile duct.  Bill's abdomen in retaining fluid and needs to be drained (reason for the rapid weight gain and extended tummy).  Since the cancer is no longer responding to chemo, it has been stopped.  Tomorrow, Bill has an appointment with the G.I. doctor.   He will eventually have an appointment with the oncologist to see if there are any options left.

Bill is doing well.  He is handling the news much better then I am. All 3 of the kids know and  seem to be handling the news OK.  Kaity said she wants her daddy here and not in Heaven.  Bill and I will shortly be taking the kids out for ice cream.  Ice creams always makes things seem better.



  1. Our prayers are with you. i havent been on the blog in a while, but everytime i come on, it seems to make the struggles in my life shrink and it opens my eyes up to the rest of the world. it makes me feel ashamed to feel bad for myself and it makes me feel even worse that your wonderful family has to go through with this. xoxo

  2. i guess its time to change my prayers cuz the ones i've been saying must be wrong..soooooo that's just what i'll do, i'll change it up some and increase their intensity. heck, you guys have done your part, patience, positive attitudes, perseverance and sense of humor too, God bless you all as you never cease to amaze me day after day!
    sooooooooooooo tell bill i will have to redirect the useless prayers for the cubs and send them his way instead, the cub prayers can wit til next year :)
    blessings today and always and know that there are oh soooo many who hold you close.. deb:)

  3. Dear Sally, Bill, and kids,
    I'm glad you you were able to enjoy a good week together before getting news like this. I pray that the doctors are able to quickly figure out what Bill needs to make him as comfortable and healthy as is possible. Enjoy any good moments that come your way. May the Lord be with and comfort you all at this time is my prayer.